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Graves Beats James- New NHB Champion.

AVIL Graves wins NHB Championship. It was an ominous Halloween night in Princeton, WV when The Dastardly Avil Graves did the unthinkable and defeated Jeff James to become the new World Fighting Showcase No Holds Barred Champion. Graves became the third fighter to hold the title, ending James' 328-day reign as champion under a blue moon. Since his victory, Graves has publicly stated that he plans to be a fighting champion who takes on all comers. Only time will tell what challengers will enter the fray to take their chance at the No Holds Barred Championship.


Heat Seeker win Tag Team Gold! Throughout the pages of tag team history, you’ll find tales from one of wrestling’s greatest rivalries: The Midnight Express vs. The Rock and Roll Express. Led by manager Jim Cornette, Midnight Express members Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condry (later replaced by Stan Lane) went toe-to-toe with Rock and Rollers Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson all over the United States for much of the 1980s and early 1990s. These days, Morton has found a new partner in his son, Kerry, a young up-and-coming talent currently learning the ropes and impressing crowds alongside his legendary father.


New WFS TV Champion! It is traditional in professional wrestling for Television title matches to have short time limits. Because of the history between "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony and "The Scottish Sensation" Murphy Costigan, this was not the case on Sunday, August 25th. The two fighters had previously met many times in many different environments, and it showed. In a contest that clocked in just under 20 minutes, Murphy Costigan sucked the air out of the Jacob Building at Chilhowee Park in Knoxville, TN when he pinned David Anthony to end the Ultimate Athlete's 394 day reign as WFS Television Champion. Costigan, as usual, had quite alot to say after his victory. Suffice it to say, those in attendance at Creepycon witnessed an undeniable change in the landscape of the World Fighting Showcase.

David Anthony TV Title Record

New Record set with TV Title. July 25th, 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony capturing the WFS Television Championship from "Mr. Number 1" George South at the Glenwood 4H Camp in Princeton, WV. South had defeated Anthony one week earlier, albeit under controversial circumstances, to be crowned the first Television Champion. Since enacting his revenge on George South, The Ultimate Athlete has proudly carried the banner of the World Fighting Showcase, defending his title in multiple territories including but not limited to WFS Mega Pro in West Virginia and WFS Evolution in Tennessee and North Carolina. David Anthony has withstood stiff challenges from the likes of "The Scottish Sensation" Murphy Costigan and "Mr. DDT" Bruce Grey, among many others. On behalf of everyone at the World Fighting Showcase and wrestlerewind.com, congratulations to "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony on 365 days as Television Champion!