David Anthony TV Title Record

Written on 07/27/2019
WFS Official

July 25th, 2019 marks the one-year anniversary of "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony capturing the WFS Television Championship from "Mr. Number 1" George South at the Glenwood 4H Camp in Princeton, WV. South had defeated Anthony one week earlier, albeit under controversial circumstances, to be crowned the first Television Champion. Since enacting his revenge on George South, The Ultimate Athlete has proudly carried the banner of the World Fighting Showcase, defending his title in multiple territories including but not limited to WFS Mega Pro in West Virginia and WFS Evolution in Tennessee and North Carolina. David Anthony has withstood stiff challenges from the likes of "The Scottish Sensation" Murphy Costigan and "Mr. DDT" Bruce Grey, among many others. On behalf of everyone at the World Fighting Showcase and wrestlerewind.com, congratulations to "The Ultimate Athlete" David Anthony on 365 days as Television Champion!