Written on 06/27/2020
WFS Official

Throughout the pages of tag team history, you’ll find tales from one of wrestling’s greatest rivalries: The Midnight Express vs. The Rock and Roll Express. Led by manager Jim Cornette, Midnight Express members Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condry (later replaced by Stan Lane) went toe-to-toe with Rock and Rollers Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson all over the United States for much of the 1980s and early 1990s. These days, Morton has found a new partner in his son, Kerry, a young up-and-coming talent currently learning the ropes and impressing crowds alongside his legendary father.

   Meanwhile, Elliott Russell and Sigmon, known as The Heatseekers are carving out their own legacy in tag team wrestling, defending the World Fighting Showcase Tag Team Championships around the globe, truly proving to be World Champions. Recently, The Heatseekers have played the role of The Midnight Express against the Mortons. Add the flamboyant Dillon McQueen in the place of Cornette, and it is easy to compare the 2020 battles between The Heatseekers and the Mortons to the famous confrontations between The Midnight Express and The Rock and Roll Express. 

   Although Russell and Sigmon refuse to back down from any challenger, Kerry and Ricky Morton have proved to be thorns in The Heatseekers’ proverbial side. To date, the champions have held onto their titles, but the challengers show no signs of giving up the fight for the WFS World Tag Team Championships. Be on the lookout for the Heatseekers defending the titles near you!